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Well my last submission wolfty shorts was submittred to see how much I improved and I think it's good enough to remake my first mandness tribute Madness Crate because of the comments, and I invite whoever you are to see wolfy shorts to tell me in what more improve

Fucking shit..

2012-12-20 00:13:12 by wolf593

I have some badass animations here in my dump and i didnt submit them

Working in the serious project.....

2011-07-15 18:01:54 by wolf593

Yeah, it's going pretty badass >:D

Progress: 1245 frames done
Escenes: 2
Time: 39 seconds (lolz)

The voice actors are:

Also, i'm making a tricky animation, here's a screenshot

Working in the serious project.....

I need a voice actor

2011-07-06 20:17:02 by wolf593

For a serious project, if your're interested PM me, i will tell you all the details.

p.s. For sure it's a madness animation

p.p.s Deadline: 7/14/11

I need a voice actor

Trolling newgrounds

2011-05-17 17:10:40 by wolf593

I just finished all my parts to Crazymonkey's collab and I decided to do some fps work (if we can say its fps).
I always wanted to do a troll science animation (here is the page were my animations will be based on) i'm making a new one.


Trolling newgrounds

Working in something really MAD

2010-11-13 20:06:20 by wolf593

To the Madness Day 2011

Progress: 1082 frames
Fps: 33
Time (until now): 32.8s
EDIT: I have a new youtube channel :D TheWolf593

Working in something really MAD


2010-09-23 19:01:11 by wolf593

the start of the madness day movie of krinkels is like the mine of madness crate (But of him more awesome). o and the movie is awesome :D

new madness day movie!!!!!!!

2010-06-25 00:17:30 by wolf593

choosing the name now...
i just started my new flash movie for madness day 2010 this is the story of two hitmans (like always) goes for a new enemy (i'am choosing it for now). for now i have the opening some other frames.

6/24/2010 (in Mexico) 115 frames, 3.5 seconds
8/10/2010 (in Mexico) 171 frames, 5.2 seconds

EDIT: i'am not dead, but animate a madness tribute it's so fuckng tedious XD
EDIT2: Sorry for the slow progress i deleted an old intro i made for this flash and i needed to do another.
comment, please:

Also a screenshot, enjoy it:

new madness day movie!!!!!!!

------------------madness test-----------------------

2010-05-27 23:04:35 by wolf593

i will put all my tests here:
unfinished test
various tests
unfinished madness collab part
tell me what you think of any of them

madness destruction

2010-04-06 20:43:33 by wolf593

well there is a screenshot of a tribute i'am working on.
madness destruction:2%

i will update every week

See this master piece by Krinkels, and you going to love it, more MADNESS!!

EDIT1: What you think about this test

sorry for the slow progress, i'am in two collabs and the deadline is too close

madness destruction